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Welcome to the Plan


Being a Trafficwave affiliate is an incredible opportunity. 

Trafficwave is a feature rich auto responder and the 

affiliate program is extremely lucrative. 

When I developed this website I had a few goals in mind.

#1 Introduce you to Trafficwave, its features and opportunity.

#2 Help you understand the affiliate program and its components.

#3 Share with you the exact method I am using to be one of Trafficwave's top affiliate earners by using a step by step method that literalily anyone can accomplish.

#4 Give you the exact strategy that I am using to promote Trafficwave.

#5 Help you grow your own team using these methods and duplicate your efforts by welcoming others to this tutorial and teaching them this step by step process.

I have spent my entire life mentoring, sharing knowledge and information. There is no greater success than teaching others to become successful in a simple down to earth way.

Let's not waste anymore time your step by step guide is below.

Setting up your Trafficwave account


If you are here you have already registered with Trafficwave and begun your 30 Day Trial.

It is best to use your FREE 30 Day Trial to learn about Trafficwave and become familiar with the

auto responder and product as a whole. You will find that if you are familiar with the product the easier it will be to set up  future campaigns, manage the affiliate opportunity and help others to see how valuable this product can be.The best way to do that is to log in and follow the below tutorial on setting up your very first campaign.

"THE BASICS" 14 Part Video Training Series (Right Click and open in new tab or window)

 The link above is a video tutorial. It is best to open it in another window or tab and follow along.

For each of the videos above I will provide written instruction below including the shared email campaign and ad copy so that you may use it to create your first auto responder series. This video series was created by Trafficwave and you can find it through your back office HERE

Setting up your auto responder


If you are brand new to list building , auto responders or Trafficwave start here

Login to your Trafficwave back office

  1. Start Video 1 and follow along
  2. Select and click Auto Responder from top menu tabs, a drop down appears
  3. Select Create New Campaign
  4. Create and verify campaign nickname (description field is optional)
  5. Create basic signature tokens
  6. Can-spam compliance contact information
  7. Define Campaign Subscriber data wanted (lead capture data)
  8. Final configuration settings. Customize confirmation settings.

Creating campaign letters and using text

  1. Start Video 2 and Follow Along
  2. From the homepage of your trafficwave back office select campaign manager located under Autoresponder on the next page select the campaign nickname you just set up.
  3. Click the letters tab and select retrieve published campaign (if you are writing your own series select create new letter.) 
  4. The details for my published campaign are Auto Responder ID: 453964   5 Digit Code: 38545
  5. You may use a blank letter form or use template. I recommend the blank letter template to start unless you would like to select and set up a new template. (Click Here  instructions on creating a template) If you are using my published campaign then my template should import with the letter series) IF you have imported my letter series that template should appear
  6. Make sure if you are importing my email series that you check all parts of the email. Once imported you can edit them , personalize them and brand them or just use them as is...VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU INSURE THE LINKS TO JOIN TRAFFICWAVE ARE YOURS AND NOT MINE 
  7. Begin entering or copying and pasting some text, try the different features to see what they can do.
  8. When you craft your letters save your work often in case you are logged out.

Congratulations you have set up your very first email series. The next section will focus on setting up your lead capture page within trafficwave. It is not necesary for you to use the hosted lead capture pages within trafficwave however for the purpose of this tutorial I can not cover different lead capture creation products as there are to many n the market to know them all. If you have a program or software you should be familiar with its use and how to integrate the lead capture data from trafficwave using the capture html or java data. In the near future I will create a video showing how that is done.

Trafficwave hosted lead capture pages


Lead Capture Pages

Trafficwave has a multitude of lead capture options, my personal favorite and most responsive is the video lead capture, the following section will walk you through the set up of lead capture pages that are hosted on trafficwave and provide some customization. It is a fact that lead capture pages convert better than any standard affiliate page.

Your step by step guide

  1. Start video 11: Hosted Capture Pages
  2. Log in to your back office and go to campaign manager.
  3. Select the campaign you want to work with.
  4. Select hosted capture/forms tab.
  5. The next page a variety of capture page options will appear. Select a capture page that you like.
  6. Fill in the form data and view previews of how your page will appear.
  7. Create lead capture page and obtain your URL to start promoting.
  8. I always recommend testing the lead capture page by signing up to make sure all is working