Frequently Asked Questions


What is Master Your Advertising ?

Master Your Advertising is a training platform that is focused on email marketing and specifically the use of the Trafficwave. Inside you will find helpful tutorials to help you get set up and promoting within about 30 minutes.

What you will encounter is different than the other traditional team builds. Master Your Advertising focuses on Trafficwave while giving you the resources to learn how to promote online.


How much does it cost ?

This website is 100 % free to join and use and will remain that way. 

Trafficwave starts with a FREE 30 Day Trial an I will back that up by paying forward your second month. (So that is 60 Days with no cost to you) In that 60 days, you can follow my step by step instructions to set up your auto responder series and get to promoting the lucrative affiliate program. (To be honest it takes about 30 minutes to get set up) after those 60 days it will cost you 17.95 a month and if you follow my blueprint and actually do the work you may very well never have to pay as the 17.95 will come out of your commissions. 

Click here to see how this pay it forward program works.

It is entirely achievable to be in profit within those first 60 days, I did it , so i know its possible. The best part is that you can promote in mostly free advertising sources to achieve that goal.


Do you really promote for me ?

When I market Trafficwave I make the promise that that I promote for you.

That is a promise that I keep. I have worked so hard that my downlines have filled so now when I promote my personal referals go to one of my team members. In addition to that I will promote your lead capture page. I will not promote standard affiliate links. They do not convert and are of little value. 

This promise does not mean that you have to do nothing. If you want to earn online, your success is based on you, not me or anyone else. If you do the work, you will get results and you will scale your business and income. You have to have the ability to stick to something and be faithful to that promotion, dont give up, dont get pulled down the rabbit hole of shiny new object syndrome jumping from program to program.